Dear Sir / Madam,
Indonesia is preparing to transform from a developing country into a developed country. At present, the development of infrastructure (highways, toll roads, airports, electricity supply, water supply, and energy supply) is being carried out on a massive scale and spread in throughout Indonesia.
Abhinaya Corporation participates infrastructure development in Indonesia with service engaged in the field of Geophysical Consultant Services, Civil Construction and Product Exclusive Agents. With two companies under Abhinaya Corporation: PT. Abhinaya Mappindo Bumitala and PT . Abhinaya Prima Engineering, we provide utility detection services, geoelectrical/resistivity survey, civil construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), pipeline leak detection, drainage maintenance, investigation of soil layers, industrial engineering for infiltration wells, and roadways pavement investigation.
Abhinaya Corporation always prioritizes quality and client satisfaction. This is the basis of all company business activities. We provide what clients need and want so that we always provide the best output to the client.
For improving the company's internal quality, Abhinaya always develops sustainable human resources. The development of hard skills and soft skills is a must that's always done. Abhinaya always upgrading the ability of staff and employees to have good quality for the company and increase client satisfaction.
Abhinaya Corporation's relationship with various companies, both BUMN and private companies is well established. Abhinaya also has relations with several European product principles that give full trust to Abhinaya to act as exclusive agents of their products.
Abhinaya Corporation's social relations with the community bind up with good by the existence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is carried out as a form of gratitude for the develoment of the company. CSR activities have been carried out in various locations, this activity is of good value and useful so that it will continue to be carried sustainably.
Abhinaya Corporation would like to thank the clients who have given us the trust to work together in carrying out the work. We hope that the relations between the two parties will be well maintained and a continuation of cooperation will be created regarding the next work plan.
To all Abhinaya staff and employees, we also express our highest appreciation for dedication and professionalism at work. Thank you for your consistency in keep company values and make Abhinaya Corporation be a leading company.
Risal N. Nababan
President Director of Abhinaya Corporation